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Theatr Felinfach creates opportunities, gives access and a lifelong path to the arts and the culture of Wales and the world through creative and participatory projects and a programme of professional productions.

Our aim is to:

  • Lead and support community theatre and participatory arts within Ceredigion and the wider area
  • Create access for participants and users to the arts in a rural area
  • Use the arts to celebrate culture, promote the feeling of belonging and to provide social and cultural context to the Welsh language
  • Develop skills and encourage excellence – creative, artistic, social and bilingual
  • Learn through the arts – develop confidence to question, to challenge, to encourage, to share, to interpret and to celebrate
  • Offer activities that tackle rural isolation and develop a feeling of belonging
  • Give excellent artistic experiences to participants and audiences alike
  • Bring additional colour and happiness to the social life of individuals and communities. We work in two main fields:
    1. Take part in the culture and arts (a participatory programme that uses Drama, Dance, Theatre, Media)
    2. Experiencing the arts (a programme of professional performances and others)


The two main fields of work offer varied programmes and an open door to young ones 0-3 years, to children 4-11 years, to young people 11-25 years, to adults 26-55 years and older people 55-90+ years.  We work with individuals, groups, schools and other educational bodies and various organisations.

The two fields of work:

  • contribute greatly to raising self-confidence and social cohesion
  • contribute to increasing the use of the Welsh language and bilingualism in communities
  • develop transferrable skills and increase intellectual, creative and social skills, especially among children and young people 
  • nurture social capital by developing people’s relationships with each other and with their communities
  • enable communities to understand and to celebrate their cultural heritage
  • lead to further education paths, higher education and work